Listed below are some of the gardens we have transformed across Harrogate and surrounding areas including landscaping  and naturally some stunning artificial lawn installations that have transformed our client’s gardens. To keep up to date with our latest projects please see our Facebook page

Doggy day care: professional dog walker/ boarder required an all year round surface. The answer: our hard wearing 40 mm artificial grass + new patio and bark borders. 30 tonne of hard core was brought in just to create a level area!


dog 2


dog 3 dog

Town Garden: This forgotten vegetable garden had been neglected for years. After moving in and realising how big the space was our client was able to create a low maintenance landscape + add an additional parking space. This not only created a safe area for his family to entertain but also added value to the property!


lm1 lm3

Funky garden: Our client moved into a property and asked for our assistance in designing a new garden that would set her apart from the neighbours… Challenge accepted and we look the vertical raised beds!

rossett 2

rossett 1rossett 3

Ultra low maintenance landscape: After building work and years of neglect this garden had no real character. We were commissioned to make use of the space for two dogs + entertain guests on an evening. With our 35 mm artificial grass tied in with traditional stone work it has really opened up the area and made it usable once more!


sarah 2

sarah 1

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