Dog Friendly Artificial Lawns

Dog-Friendly Artificial Lawns in Yorkshire

Artificial grass and lawns are the perfect solution for the four-legged friend in your family as they provide a safe play area, not only for your dogs, but also the whole family.

Artificial lawns provide a low maintenance and easily cleaned environment for the pets in your life and the main advantages of artificial lawns for dogs is that they stop the mud and dirt that your dog would otherwise bring into the house. Year-round access, without mud patches and the temptation to dig.

Unlike traditional lawns, artificial grass will not suffer for urine discolouring from dog urine as the membrane within the grass allows for easy drainage. At EGM Landscapes, we have installed dozens of pet-friendly artificial lawns in Yorkshire. Key to making the artificial grass lawns withstand the potential impact of dogs and other animals, is ensuring that the base preparation is carried out with the correct base materials to allow for full drainage and not just simply drainage through the grass membrane itself. Our dog-friendly lawns have enough depth and flow within the sub-base to allow for full and clear drainage of any urine, thereby avoiding any urine traps under the grass that could, over time, leave unpleasant smells in the garden.

Maintenance is minimal as with all artificial grass installations, but we also sell a range of artificial lawn cleaners and disinfectants that will keep your lawn in pristine condition. The artificial grass disinfectants and cleaners themselves are naturally pet-friendly.